Shirt Printing Coffs Harbour

We provide quality custom shirt printing to the Coffs Harbour region and the rest of Australia. Getting a custom printed product is so easy with Trident – no minimum orders, lasting quality and prompt service. You can trust us to help you get your brand seen!

Benefits For Our Customers

Supporting Local Business

We are proudly owned and operated in Coffs Harbour Australia. We source materials from local suppliers to support local Australian business. What better time than during the Covid-19 pandemenic to keep it local.

Have Your Goods Sooner

Our combination of experience and printing methods allows us to produce a swift quality product. You’ll have your custom printed product in your hands asap.


Quality Prints that Last

You want your custom product to last right? So do we! Which is why we only use tried and tested materials that meet our high standard. Get more wear out of your custom product by going with our quality.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Using heat transfer vinyl or HTV is our main seller and our speciality – for good reason. We can cut a single print swiftly and accurately for the same cost per unit as ordering in bulk. HTV has a range of colours and textures you just can’t achieve with other printing methods.

We use quality vinyl that we have tested for durability, colour vibrancy and feel. It’s also easy to care for and maintains it’s quality after multiple washes. Need a custom printed shirt this weekend? We average from cut to print within 20 minutes!

Is Your Image Print Ready?

We can cut and print just about any shape and size but not all design are print friendly. We want you to have a long lasting print – so we assess your image and in some cases we make minor adjustments to make your print more durable and print friendly. This service is free with every order – so utilize our expertise today. Does your image need some advanced modifications? We can tweak, rework and design from scratch for a reasonable price. Get in touch for a quote. If you have an image in mind email it to us and we’ll assess it for FREE!

More Than Just Shirts

We print on more than just shirts! We use JB’s Wear as our preferred apparel provider and they supply a range quality products for your deisng to be printed on. We also have fabric face masks in stock during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In some cases we even have customers supply their own items to print on. Whether it be for the sentiment or a specific fit – get in touch and we can work with you to get the result you want.


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